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There is a lot to be excited about in the weird little world that is the bicycle framebuilding/bike nerd universe. With the NAHBS show going away after a long run, the MADE show is not only going to fill the void but also be a huge improvement. Every bike show is less about the stuff and the bling and more about the people and relationships which make up the connective tissue in our community. Sure there will be a lot of over the top bikes, amazing craft, and heaps of innovation but the connections are w

hat keep us in business. Where else can you meet the person who makes the things and when the things are machines providing so many people with a sense of freedom, self-sufficiency and health, it makes those relationships that much better.

I am stoked to see a show like Made come back to Portland this August and will be there with a bike or three to show. If you can, come to Portland and enjoy the show this summer. Ciao!

Ira Ryan

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