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Information about the bikes including process, design and fit philosophy, materials and everything else.

Thank you for your interest in

the custom steel bicycles I build!

I love classic rim brake road and cyclo-cross bikes, French porteur and touring bikes designs that have a focus on utility. I always try to incorporate these aspects into my bicycles. I have decades of experience building race winning road and CX bikes, complex randonneuring bicycles, utility driven city commuting machines, and rugged adventure touring bikes all with modern details in mind. A good bicycle is balanced in the fit, proportions and style. 

I am proud to build all my frames and forks with Columbus steel tubing and each frameset is painted by ColorWorks in Oregon. I build completely custom bikes including fit, design, construction, paint, stems and racks and always prefer to sell complete builds to ensure each detail is dialed before it leaves the shop. Each bicycle is a whole so it is important to consider each detail and part together. You can see some examples of bikes below.

Every bike starts with a conversation about what you’re looking for and how I can construct your dream bike.


1. Consultation and Fit

Every bike starts with a conversation about what you’re looking for and how I can construct your dream bike. Email or a phone call are the best ways to start a new bike discussion. I will answer any questions you might have and listen to your needs as a rider. I can share my fitting form at this time and will take detailed notes about the build including parts and paint choice. I work closely with professional bike fitters and physical therapists and can also reference any existing fitting data you might have. It is important to know where you are coming from to be able to know how to make the new bike fit and ride like a dream.

2. Design

Once the non-refundable $500 deposit is received, it’s time to plug in fit data, determine which parts work best and start frame designing. With 20+ years as a professional builder and rider, I have a keen understanding for blending each detail together to make a great handling and beautiful bicycle. Knowing which parts and components you want to use is part of this process right down to the color of bar tape. I will send a complete frame design proof to ensure all details are approved before any tubing is cut or torch lit.

3. Build and Paint

I measure, cut, shape, braze, and finish each frame I build. I provide a detailed proof of paint before the paint gun is loaded. Building the frame takes about 2 weeks to build depending on details and options. Paint takes about 2-3 weeks to complete before it comes back to the shop. I will have all details regarding the parts, wheels and shipping sorted out during this time and will provide an invoice for the balance.

4. Assembly and shipping

Once the frameset and all components arrive in the shop, it is assembled, photographed and shipped to you. It is paramount to be able to deliver a complete machine with each detail tuned and adjusted for your fit. I always prefer to use BikeFlights and UPS for shipping since they provide professional tracking and insurance.


My framesets (frame and fork) start at $2500. This includes base level braze ons and features. Base level paint options start at $800. Custom fillet brazed and painted stems start at $250 and custom chromoly rando or porteur racks start at $400. Added details such as ornate lug carving, polished stainless lugs and complex details will cost extra as you’d expect. Parts would cost approximately what you’d pay at a bike shop and I have access to all major parts suppliers such as Campy, Sram and Shimano as well as many boutique brands like Paul Components, Chris King and White Industries. I prefer to source directly from vendors to make sure each part is considered on the bikes fit and performance. I always strive to source parts that are made in the USA whenever possible and value companies who act with environmental awareness. 

Start the Process

If you have interest in working together to create your dream bike, get in touch to secure your build spot.

Reach out via email, phone, or my contact form. If you are in Portland, OR and want to stop by my workshop, please get in touch and we can schedule a time and day that works best.