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Some insight into why I build and love bicycles.

The bicycle is a powerful and elegant machine. Since beginning to build steel frames in 2005, my goal has been to blend what I love about traditional bicycle design and frame construction with a modern, relevant twist.  I am drawn toward bikes with a timeless style, slender lines, and a sense of utility. A frame sitting on the wall is not living its best life. Bikes are beautiful tools capable of taking us over mountains and around the world. For me, the bicycle has been a way of life as a racer, professional mechanic, cycle-tourist, courier, and human. They unlock a sense of freedom that connects people, the world around them and themselves in a profound way. 

I have always been focused on the process. I think about bikes as a complete package, from frame to fork to bar tape to tires. Every part works together to achieve the best fit, ride quality, and style possible. I find joy in the balance between well-crafted art, utility, and well-designed tools. Each rider’s needs are different, and making a custom that checks all the boxes is my goal every time.

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If you have interest in working together to create your dream bike, get in touch to secure your build spot.

Reach out via email, phone, or my contact form. If you are in Portland, OR and want to stop by my workshop, please get in touch and we can schedule a time and day that works best.