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Those days when the sun sits low in the sky but at least it’s there and shining. The urge to get out and soak it all in. Open mouth to the light. Maybe sunglasses if I didn’t forget them at home. It’s hard to remember what to do with this sort of event. Celebrate. Maybe not in a big way but inside I am happy. Happy to see the seasons change and know that we are slowly marching towards more light, less clothes, more growth. Thank you sun. Thank you bikes for providing the preferred vehicle to explore this moment. The Earth continues to spin and tilt like it has for billions of years and I am grateful for this time around. 

I am tilting towards my own shifts in seasons as I build out my home shop again with tools, machines and a fresh take on what it means to build bicycles as a business. I am starting up Ira Ryan Cycles after a decade of it being in a box collecting dust on the shelf. All the parts are there, in good working order and there will be a few upgrades. I am excited to share this with the world and look forward to building fully custom bicycles for people to explore their own seasons. This will be the first in many posts along the way.


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